• Board strategic planning facilitation — There are a thousand formulas out there for strategic planning. Far too often, the result is a list of goals without a plan. Using the R.O.S.I.E. method taken from his 20+ years in strategic communications, Robert Austin helps boards ask the right questions, such as “What needs to be true that isn’t true today, for you to fulfill your mission?” Robert helps boards go beyond just setting goals that advance the organization toward its mission, but in developing a plan both the board and staff can use to bring real, measurable results.
  • Communication Audits — Organizations undergo annual financial audits in order to get objective, independent examination of the financial health, value, and credibility of the financial statements produced by management. Sadly, few organizations audit their communications in the same way. Such an audit can provide direction and assurance that an organization’s communication efforts are strategic, measurable, and tightly tied to overall mission goals.
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