Keynotes and Breakouts

Stop Raising Awareness and Start Changing Behaviors

Nearly all nonprofit organizations seek to raise awareness of their mission, their programs, or their particular cause. Yet, organizations are often unclear about what they want people to do with all this new awareness. This program helps organizations focus on actions over awareness to move toward mission fulfillment.

Speaking in Tongues: Learning the Language of Your Audiences

Many people look at language learning as a way of being understood in a foreign land. But the real goal of learning a new language is mutual understanding. This keynote lays out a solid methodology for organizations to identify who key audiences are and how to speak to them using stories that resonate and lead to action.

Measuring What Matters

There’s a lot of hand wringing concerning what we should be measuring in the face of all the new tools we have to communicate with constituents and customers. While a lot of professionals keep telling us that everything has changed, this presentation reminds you that nothing has changed at all. What you measure relates to what you are trying to accomplish. It’s a back-to-the-basics refresher on how setting proper, research-based objectives in the first place is the answer all your measurement questions and frustrations.

How Death Can Make You a Better Communicator

Culled from years of experience training those who work with grieving families at the time of death, this session will show participants how to be better communicators in interpersonal interactions. As with all of Robert’s presentations, science shows why it is difficult for many people to communicate one-on-one. From learning about how we stop ourselves from being truly empathetic to identifying why it is so hard to really listen, this session will connect with every participant on a personal level. In the end, everyone leaves with tools they can use to improve their interpersonal interactions.

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